Public Living Room


What is a Public Living Room?

Somewhere you can sit quietly, take some time out, read a book, complete a jigsaw puzzle, somewhere to feel safe.

Public Living Rooms as popping up everywhere thanks to Camerados - making a safe space for people who are feeling lonely or isolated and in need of somewhere to spend some time. Each Public Living Room is different and they are being set up in shops, schools, hospitals, front rooms, online and now we have one here at the Albemarle Centre. More and more are appearing all the time. This is a non-serviced provision, so there is no cost to you to visit. If you want a cup of tea or coffee that's fine, we just ask that you bring your own mug, tea or coffee and milk, we will provide the hot water. Alternatively you can purchase from our cafe, but there is no expectation for you to do so whilst using the Public Living Room.
Our Public Living Room is open on Mondays between 09:00 and 16:30 and Thursday afternoons from 13:00 until 16:30.  
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