Our Story

For forty years, we’ve supported in bringing people and the community together.  

With support groups and social activities for anyone who can benefit with need. Be it learning difficulties, acquired brain injury, mental health conditions, physical barriers, frailty, loneliness, or the elderly are just a few examples. This can be one to one individual support, assisting in managing daily lives, volunteering, socialising or progression towards and finding employment. There is also supported housing which is close to the town centre, that enables people to live independently. Our core charitable aim is in providing a safe environment where people can be treated as equally as anyone else in the community.




A copper etching from the 1800s when The Albemarle was originally built to be a glove factory.

Baptist Herald

Taunton Baptist Herald - May 1878

Instead becoming a Baptist Church, closing eventually in the early 1980s.

Early years interior

Interior 1982

Resulting from the closure of a local residential hospital for learning disabilities, The Albemarle started. Interior in 1981


Grand Opening in 1983 

The well attended grand opening in 1983.