Shared Spaces

Taunton’s Social Impact Hub 

SHARED SPACES is the Hub which provides the opportunity for socially conscientious community focused individuals, groups or organisations to share facilities, resources, expertise and reduce costs.

This creates the benefit of being able to SHARE ideas, collaborate and utilising the opportunity to access other services, if appropriate, for the people who are being helped.

Socially conscientious not-for-profits, ideal for one person or a small team
Help to collaborate with other similarly minded people for the benefit of people you help
Aspirational people and organisations with high standards and high expectations
Responsible sharing of knowledge, resources and facilities keeping costs down
Engaging proactively with others and the community raising the profile of your work
Developing opportunities for those you work with

The SPACE is:

    Small, medium and large office accommodation
    Suitable for individuals and teams
    Centrally located
    24/7 access
    Partly furnished
    Access to other meeting facilities
    First class networking opportunities
    Excellent WiFi connectivity
    Printing, scanning and copying facilities, including the ability to produce brochures
    Reception services
    ‘Coffee’ point
    Community café
    Shower facilities
    Separate storage available if required

Just some of the shared spaces available ...