Community Rates

Concessionary rates on Mondays, Fridays, Evenings and Weekends for not for profits i.e. social enterprises, community organisations, charities and self-help groups operating in the Somerset West & Taunton council area.

Evening and weekend rates are only for groups and organisations with individuals acting as nominated keyholder, with responsibility for opening and closing the venue

For non-keyholders different rates apply for Evening/Weekend use, priced according to requirements.

Refreshments are not available. You may bring your own tea and coffee, but you will also need to bring cups and saucers and take them away. If you ask to borrow ours, it will automatically convert your booking to a commercial rate one. There is a vending machine on-site that can be used.

If food is brought in from outside, you are responsible for ensuring that all rubbish and waste is taken away from the premises. If we have to dispose of any waste or rubbish then the hire period will convert to commercial rates.

There is no equipment available. If you require to use our equipment the booking will have to convert to a commercial rate. You may of course bring your own equipment.

Venue users are responsible for room set-up and clear down, cleanliness and restoring the room to how it was found set up on arrival.

For more information or to make an enquiry, please contact us.